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Full Version: Couple more multi packs of Chrome and 1 blaster of Platinum
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Can't say that I was overly impressed with the Platinum.... Got an ok relic card (Moncrief), and 2 ok xfractors, but the rest of it was disappointing. Not sure why I'm still buying chrome stuff, but got a few ok parallels.

Nothing special, but all FT.

Also got a few more pickups recently, though can't remember how many of these I've already shown off :/

I'd be interested in your Alshon orange refractor and possibly one or both of the 1985s, gotta check my list at home. Thanks!
Ha ha I think I got the same exact blaster with the Bridgewater and Williams X-fractors, thought it was Beckham at first.

My relic was a Jordan Matthews though, which was OK because I think he'll be pretty good.
Not too bad... but nothing too notable. I would like to land the Bridgewater from you if I could.