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Full Version: Picked up some contenders +
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Put together a package to send to beckett for grading so decided to check Walmart they had 4 blasters of contenders and 1 value pack of chrome the contenders had diddly no rookies a few inserts and a gold round numbers #\99 but the value pack was a value got a john brown gold refractor auto #\10 so I had to add that to the package for beckett only sent in 7 cards this time

2 topps chrome Odell base autos
1 topps chrome Odell camo auto
1 topps chrome John brown gold auto
1 topps chrome Xander boegarts gold auto
1 bowman chrome Jackie Bradley jr blue refractor auto
1 bowman platinum Jadeveon clowney purple refractor auto #\25
Those Odell's are nice pulls too!That Clowney could be awesome as well
Let's see how they come back I shipped them out today's I got the clowney in target in a value pack its a beautiful card

[Image: e04044e5-ccc8-4110-8348-395885dd1530_zps02d2c674.jpg]
Very nice!
Sweet Clowney!

Wow man, that list that you're sending into beckett is very impressive! Did you pull all those hits from retail stuff? I couldn't imagine pulling a jersey card out of retail, more less a beautiful auto of Clowney like that. I never could bring myself to buy retail blasters because every single time I ever have, I've never pulled anything. I see a lot of people that hit some crazy stuff out of them, which is awesome, but I've never seen anything impressive out of a blaster! I always buy Hobby packs, but they're getting harder and harder to find every year, because the card shops are drying up (which breaks my heart like a lonely teenager lol) Makes sense though for Topps to make the blasters have decent chances of hitting, theres a lot of people who have literally zero card shops they can go to in their general area, so they resort to buying retail blasters and stuff from Walmart, Target, Kmart etc. All these sweet retail hits I keep seeing is really making me want to stop at Walmart on my way home and pick up a blaster. I just might!! Awesome stuff though man for sure, love the clowney!
I've had great luck with retail the Walmart blasters have jerseys not auto I've found but target chrome. blasters are blue instead of green and they have autos so I pick up the value packs at Walmart and the blasters and value packs at target and the clowney also came from a retail value pack from Walmart