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Full Version: 2013 Panini Black Break w/scan
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Correlation wasn't so great, but fun to open nonetheless

LeSean McCoy
Luke Kuechly

Rookie Cards:
Rex Burkhead
Jarvis Jones
Sam Montgomery

Gold Parallel
Reggie Wayne /49

Metal Captains: Reggie Wayne

Rookie Signatures Kenny Vaccaro /99
Rookie Signatures Sam Montgomery /199

Rookie Signatures Prime Materials Landry Jones /299
Rookie Signatures Prime Materials Manti Te'o /299

PC Hit: Jordan Reed Jumbo Materials /99

[Image: scan0002_zps48298b8f.jpg]
Nice!!! I'd take the Landry off your hands. Jlmk
(01-02-2015, 01:38 PM)oumike83 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice!!! I'd take the Landry off your hands. Jlmk
Didn't see anything I could use, but thanks for your interest