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Full Version: any preference with older or new serial #'s?
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I was just curious, do any of you BGS collectors prefer a card with older serial numbers or newer?

I know it probably doesn't matter, but for whatever reason I would rather buy a card that has a serial number that starts with 5 or 6 (or older) than 7 or 8.

I've heard opinions in the past that newer graded cards aren't graded as "tough" as the older ones. I don't necessarily believe this or I probably wouldn't submit cards. But I think it would be cool to collect some of the first cards graded.

I guess a positive aspect about buying newer graded cards is that the case (in theory) would be in better condition lol.

Any opinions?
There are a handful of fakes that are known to have been graded as authentic recently (big one: MJ big man on court). Other than those incidents though, I really don't care much!
Never actually put any thought into this. I guess an older s/n. BGS graded a little tougher then, lol.
If the grading rules haven't changed and everyone doing the grading now grades the same as everyone that ever graded cards for Beckett, it wouldn't matter at all.