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Full Version: Went digging through a box......
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that I have and landed on my Micheal Jordan part of my childhood collection.
I started collecting pretty early (I would say I was 9-10 years old) some people collect earlier than what I did.
I have more but thought I would take a pic of these first. They have all been in card protectors since they were pulled.
I have more boxes in my basement to go through but I had forgotten I had these. I will post some more when I find some.
[Image: IMG_7014_zpsaaf9a5f4.jpg]
Wow! Are those screw-downs? Those should be worth something themselves. They were such a pain to work with, and for so long. I am now spoiled by the "one-touch".
LOL! Yeah those are screw-downs.
For some reason I have a few of them.
I had a few of those screw downs as well. Threw them all out and only use top loaders for raw cards. Those were horrible for corners.
Like that scoring kings! I have the hot pack version but still need the regular!
Is it odd that the total d card had jordan holding the ball? That should be an error card lol.
Thanks for the comments guys. I have more Jordan cards but I think most of them are just regular set cards.
Here are a few more. I don't have time to take pics of a lot of them but thought I would share some more.
I know that these are mostly common things for a lot of you because of what I have seen some of you post. For some reason some of these cards were pretty big to me when I pulled them years ago.
[Image: IMG_7065_zpse20f114a.jpg]
[Image: IMG_7061_zpsa9181daa.jpg]

and for those of you who like screw downs how about this one
[Image: IMG_7064_zps159bf8c1.jpg]

Thanks again for the look. Like I said most of these are probably commons to a lot of you but it was cool finding them and digging through them.
It's great you saved them. "Commons" are still cards, and there's always someone who wants them. I just traded away that same Robinson card! It's not worth a lot, but commons like that are awesome for filling-out trades.
I love that classic chris webber acetate card. I remember my brother pulling the anfernee hardaway of that card, everyone was freaking out in the card shop. Of course now it's not worth anything but still an awesome looking set.