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Full Version: 2 hobby boxes 2014 Crown Royale
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I picked up a few retail boxes, and wanted a comparison. Not bad, really like the "big hit".

Box 1:

[Image: IMG_zps046b0762.jpg]

Box 2:

[Image: IMG_0001_zps8748f6b6.jpg]
Really like the colors and thickness of the Suh..

Finally the big hit. Love the card, not too sure about the player :

[Image: IMG_0002_zps08e88a09.jpg]

I like the McCoy/Suh card designs. The Lee has a real awesome patch on it. Congrats!
Send me an offer if the points are up FT Smile I'm liking the designs I've seen so far from Crown Royale
I would say that you did pretty well. I love Crown Royale, but am not feeling the designs behind the new Silhouette cards. The original design-which had the cutout of the player over the fabric-was something to behold. The design with the player on the side, slightly over the fabric is lazy in my opinion. Congrats on the great breaks, and I would be interested in the Suh if available.

Sweet Mcoy
Great hit, That Lee auto was out of a retail box? I thought the Silohuettte auto's only came out of hobby. I know you can get the silhouette out of retail but without the autos. I bought like 30 boxes of the stuff and didn't get an auto SILOUETTE sweet hit...
HAHA I am an idiot, you mentioned they were HOBBY in the title sorry for being slow