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Full Version: BGS Subs
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Looking at buying Clyde Drexler Star Co XRC wondering what subs people value higher!

Both 9.5 overall & both the same price.

The first one
9.5 Corners
9 Centring
9.5 Surface
9.5 Edges

The second
9 Corners
9.5 Centring
9.5 Surface
9.5 Edges

Personally think the 9 corners should be priced lower
I would personally go with the first one. The only reason behind that is that centering is something that the card owner cannot affect. Meaning, the centering of the card is based on how it is cut at the factory. The other three subs can be affected by the owner (sometimes the surface is also affected by the company).
Lol I was kinda mislead into thinking this thread was about a BGS submission.

I think most collectors GENERALLY prefer higher centering grades as it could possibly be easier for resale and many collectors are insanely ocd about centering. Collectors are naturally drawn to the centering as its typically one of the first things about a card that is noticed. it can have a big impact on whether someone buys a card or not or how much they spend on a card.
However, I'm with nickm1123 I prefer very sharp corners (and clean edges) over centering.

when I got back into the hobby, (around 2009) I didn't even know that cards with better centering usually get a higher premium over the same cards with weaker centering.
As altz11 notes, centering is at a premium among collectors. You can take a quick judge at centering without even picking the card off the table at a show. Heck, without my reading glasses it's the only thing I can judge!
I'd go with the second one as Centering is the most noticeable and has more card appeal. Can you post pictures.