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Full Version: Hi new to collecting basketball
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So what product should I be looking at to open. Also I am looking g for cheaper to mid-range pricing. Thanks for the help.
I have a collection of cards from the Dream Team era but some newer stuff too. All stars, no scrubs, looking to sell if you're interested. It's a great starter lot. Message me if you're interested.
What kinda stuff do you have.
If you want to bust boxes, the newer mid-range stuff that's out is Prestige plus (exclusively at Target) and totally certified. I personally love busting wax too, but if you want to collect specific players/teams, your best bet is buy singles or lots of those players/teams. Welcome to the hobby!
More or less looking to crack packs.
Personally I don't really care for anything that's come out yet. The Prestige was way overpriced, and Prizm is such a significant reduction in quality from previous issues that I've avoided it. The first thing for 2014-15 I'd go for is Court Kings which is due out early January. There are definitely some good products out of 2012-13 and 13-14 that I'd pick up before any of the newer stuff, but that's just me.
ok what would you get from 2012-13 and 2013-14. Thanks for the help.
2012-13: Prizm, Crusade, Select (maybe). Also depends on the price but Limited is going pretty cheap now for full cases and would probably be fun.
2013-14: Prizm, Court Kings
I got a case of brilliance and a couple contenders boxes.
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