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Full Version: Packers fans, check out my man caved, dubbed the Lambeau Lounge.
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Well, I bought a new house, gutted it, and renovated it. The upstairs finished up in the spring, and my summer was hectic. My friend helped me out with carpet because he owns a flooring company. So the basement project began. My wife was out of town, so I quickly painted it before she got back.
[Image: IMGP3714_zps147e13af.jpg]

[Image: hornungshelf_zps6dd9f0a2.jpg]

[Image: b754d703-fbfc-48f0-8022-984368746111_zps7fa81059.jpg]

[Image: 9aa9dcc4-f94b-4b0f-a916-243a93a29d90_zps9bf88591.jpg]

[Image: TonyCanadeo_zps69da7b9c.jpg]

[Image: JimRingo_zpsac9fafde.jpg]

More to come. need some updated pictures.
Oh this is pretty sweet! Congrats!
Those are some nice collectibles. The dusting always gets me with displays like that.