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Full Version: Cup Chase BV's are out!
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Just as the title says, BV's have finally been released for 2015 Cup Chase. Holy crap, the Chase Elliott cards are HIGH!
The retail AU's don't have BV's yet but the retail base parallels AND Burning Rubber cards do. We need to get Beckett to fix that, since they are not really "Cup Chase".
Seems everything is in order now with both retail and hobby base sets listed. And some of the autos are now priced too.

Gotta admit, box price vs BVs = not good (except Chase Elliot and the other few top drivers). Was really expecting more from this set, but it seems to have fallen flat on it's face. Not sure if Press Pass or Beckett is the reason, but after seeing BVs...I'm REALLY glad I skipped on buying even one box. ...It pains me to say that too...