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Full Version: When it rains it pours...wife lost her job selling collection
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(I also posted this on the hockey boards)
My wife was the GM of a hotel here on the ocean in Maine, and just got fired this afternoon. I'm freaking out just a bit, so I'm selling a lot of my collection. Mostly baseball and basketball, but here are the hockey cards. Thanks for any help guys, and for taking the time to read this even if you aren't interested in any of these.

RNH Young Guns Canvas BGS 8 $55 shipped
Leon Draisitil 14/15 YG Canvas $22 shipped
Ryan Getzlaf/Bobby Ryan dual BAP Auto $18 shipped
Sidney Crosby 08/09 UD big game hunters sp $13 shipped
Alan Houston 14/15 hoops significance auto $10
Kentavious Caldwell pope 14/15 hoops auto $8
Marcus Smart 14/15 hoops auto $40
Paul pierce/Antoine walker 2001-02 MVP game used souvenirs $18
Kris bryant bowman mini $10
Gregory polanco topps chrome auto $20 shipped

I'll find some more tonight but that's all I can think of off the top of my head
So sorry to hear about your situation Jon.
Sent you an open trade offer with cards I'd be interested in buying from you.
Offer sent back.