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Full Version: My PC AU'd cards
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I decided to copy Jason and Jerry. Except, I will post all of my PC AU's here. Below is the list and the pics will follow in separate posts. I'm going to try to post all of these as fast as possible, so there are no replies between the AU posts.

Jimmie Johnson: 4 AU's
Mark Martin: 2 AU's
Trevor Bayne: 14 AU's
Kyle Busch: 1 AU
Kasey Kahne: 1 AU
Ricky Rudd: 3 AU's
Darrell Wallace Jr.: 1 AU
Marcos Ambrose: 3 AU's (1 is booklet)
Paulie Harraka: 1 AU
Dale Jarrett: 1 AU

FIRST UP IS MY MAIN PC: Jimmie Johnson

2005 PP Signings

[Image: JJ2005AU.jpg]

2007 PP Signings

[Image: JJ-2007PPSigningsAU.jpg]

2008 Wheels American Thunder Trackside Treasury Autographs Gold

[Image: JJTTreasuryAU.jpg]

2009 Press Pass Burning Rubber Autographs

[Image: JJBR-AU2of48.jpg]

NOW FOR THE #2 PC: Mark Martin

I don't have the 1st one anymore. Jerry has it now, but the other two are:

1997 Ultra Update Autographs
2008 Press Pass Legends Autographs Blue

[Image: MMartinAUsx3.jpg]
#3 PC: Trevor Bayne

2010 Element Undiscovered Elements Autographs

[Image: TB-AU2010Element.jpg]

2010 Press Pass Signings Silver

[Image: TBayneAU2010PPSignings.jpg]

2010 Wheels Main Event Marks Autographs Blue

[Image: TB-AU2010WheelsMainEventBlue.jpg]

2011 Fanfare Gold's & Bronze's

[Image: TB-AU2011Fanfare.jpg]

2011 Wheels Main Event Marks Silver

[Image: TB-AU2011WMEMarksCupSilver.jpg]

2012 Press Pass Autographs Printing Plates Black #1/1

[Image: TBayneAU2012PPABlackPlate1.jpg]

2012 PP Fanfare AU Silver NSCS & AU Gold NNS

[Image: TBayne2012FanfareAUs.jpg]

2013 PP Fanfare AU Gold NSCS & AU Silver NNS

[Image: TB-AU2013Fanfare.jpg]

2014 American Thunder Autographs Blue

[Image: TBayne2014ATAUBlue.jpg]
2014 Press Pass Redline Dynamic Duals Relic Autographs Blue #DDKYB Kyle Busch/10

[Image: KyleBusch2014RedlineAU-RU.jpg]

1992 Traks Autographs #A5 Ricky Rudd SP
2012 Press Pass Legends Autographs Silver #RR Ricky Rudd/150

[Image: RickyRudd-2AUs.jpg]

2000 Press Pass Signings #27 Dale Jarrett
2000 Press Pass Signings #50 Ricky Rudd

[Image: AUsDJarrett-RRudd.jpg]

2012 Press Pass Fanfare Autographs Silver #PH Paulie Harraka

[Image: Harraka-2012FanfareAUSilver.jpg]

SOMEHOW, I am missing 3 cards from my PB. I will have to scan them and then add them. The missing cards are my Kahne AU, my "Bubba" AU and one of my Ambrose AU's.
2006 TRAKS Autographs #18 Kasey Kahne

[Image: Kahne-AU2006Traks.jpg]

2014 Press Pass Redline Signatures Red #RSDWJ Darrell Wallace Jr./50

[Image: Bubba-AU2014RedlineRed-50.jpg]

2010 Press Pass Autographs #3 Marcos Ambrose
2011 Press Pass Signings Brushed Metal #PPSMA1 Marcos Ambrose/60

[Image: Ambrose-AUs.jpg]

2014 Total Memorabilia Autographed Memorabilia Gold #SCMA Marcos Ambrose/10 (BOOKLET)

[Image: 2014TMAmbroseSigColl.jpg]
Nice collection, now I know which Martin I need to get Smile

Thanks Jerry. I also have an Annabeth Barnes AU that I'm holding on to and a Joey Coulter AU that apparently no one wants. Tongue
Nice collection you know the one I like.........
(12-02-2014, 08:28 PM)kevinr Wrote: [ -> ]Nice collection you know the one I like.........
Would that be the Kahne?? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

A funny thought just popped in my head. On Jerry's AU thread, Jason and Jerry and myself were talking about cards that have passed through several collections here. That Kahne IP AU that I traded to you many months ago originally came from Jason! Yet another card that has been owned by at least 3 members of this forum.
Awesome collection, my friend! The JJ Burning Rubber, the Bayne plate, the KB Dynamic Dual, and the Ambrose booklet are all very sweet cards to have in your collection!
Nice looking cards
(12-05-2014, 06:19 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice looking cards
Thanks! The collection would look a little better if I still had that '07 Eclipse Kahne AU that I traded to you a few years ago. Big Grin