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Full Version: How to add a card to organize so you can trade...or mark a WANT
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1. click the organize tab
2 click add collection
3 name it (trade) and mark it public
[Image: 2_zps3f761f08.png]
4 click create collection
5 search for card (2012 finest luck) using search bar
[Image: 1_zpsd256bc78.png]
6 find card you want to add (2012 Finest Lucky Cuts #LCAAL Andrew Luck AU) and click the + sign under the actions column
7. place in collection you want (trade), put a 1 in HAVE and a 1 in TRADE AWAY to trade. Placing a 1 in TRADE FOR will show as a card YOU WANT.
[Image: 3_zpsc9808007.png]
8. click add items to organize
**The card is now available to trade