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Full Version: 2 boxes 2014 ITG Draft Prospects
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I picked these up a while back, but with this blizzard outside, I finally have a chance to scan them in. This product has become pretty cheap, and i think it's a really nice set personally. Here we go:

BOX 1:

Base parallel - Steve Yzerman - 21/25

[Image: IMG_0020_zps573a7b7a.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0021_zps4787248b.jpg]

Nice low numbered hit:
[Image: IMG_0022_zpsc22f4433.jpg]

Box 2:

Base parallel - Mike Bossy - 05/10

[Image: IMG_0017_zpsb47914b4.jpg]
Nylander is a GOLD auto

[Image: IMG_0018_zps6767de2d.jpg]

And really nice patch, i was pretty happy when I saw this:

[Image: IMG_0019_zps742368a6.jpg]

Nice stuff.
Nice Patch AU and Bure! Great breaks!
Sick patch
That second box was sweet. Nylander is tearing it up over seas and that Bure patch is nasty. Congrats!