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Full Version: Opinions on this RNH auto I got TTM
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It looks like the real deal to me, I just want other peoples thoughts. I want to get a nice matte and frame for it once I see what you guys think. Thanks for looking!

[Image: imagejpg1_zpsf824069b.jpg]
I would have to agree that it is the real thing. Congrats on the nice TTM success!

It would be pretty hard for anyone to say whether it is legit or not without seeing it in person. While that may be his signature is it hand signed or a reprint? Is there ink smudges where the pen hits the photo and leaves it? Is the ink glossy like the paper or is it clearly on top of the photo?
It's definitely hand signed, I sent the photo myself. I have some auto pen autpgraphs and you can easily tell the difference on those
And I didn't have enough postage on the sase and he added more to it for me.
Nice. I've sent cards to him the last 2 years and have not gotten anything back, (sent to the Edmonton Oilers). Did you send your item through the team too or some other outlet?
I sent it in the beginning of last season and it came during the offseason, I head it for a little while just didn't post it. I sent to the oilers
I received 2 autographs TTM from RNH back in April, for my Team Canada set, and i believe they are legit autos.

[Image: 14306453652_9cf846d558.jpg]

[Image: 14307756964_858cdd9ce3.jpg]