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Full Version: My 14/15 UD Series 1 break
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Didn't get any of the young guns I wanted, but I did pull the checklist. Pretty good box as far as hits go. The Folin Exclusives is an ebay 1/1 Smile. All will be added tonight, the Folin will be FS if anyone is interested.
The buyback is Kevin Dineen.

[Image: imagejpg1_zps7c601b95.jpg]
What exactly is an ebay 1/1?
The first or the last one in the print run, the Folin is 001/100
I also pulled a toews, Ben bishop, henrik sedin canvas.
LOL so they made 100 1 of 1's for Ebay? Is that what your saying? If I had #38/100 then I would also have a 1 of 1 #38? lol
Haha no not at all. People on ebay will put ebay 1/1 in the auction title if it's that players jersey number, number 1 out of 10, 50, 100, etc. anything that will attract people to buy. Some people might collect the #1 printed card or something.
Nioce break
Not too shabby a break! Congrats!

Interested in the Lazar Young Guns, please.