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Full Version: a king card
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Had the chance to go to North Bay today with my brother inlaw and went for the ride, along the way I was asked to go into the lcs and pick-up some supplies so I took the took the opportunity to purchase some (5) packs of 14-15 upper deck. Only hit to report is a Young Guns canvas Curtis Lazar, for me a former Oil Kings and a Memorial cup winner a great way to cap off a nice day spending some time with family.

The card is not for trade, I would like to collect any Oil Kings that make the NHL from that memorial cup team.

Here are the hits
[Image: 2014-15UD200.png]

[Image: 2014-15UD201.png]

[Image: 2014-15UD202.png]
Nice young gun canvas
Congrats on the nice PC hit, John!