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Full Version: 2 Boxes UD Series 1
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Good evening all, hope all of you are well. Those of you that saw my last post, things are looking up and I appreciate the kind words. My daughter had another surgery on Nov. 3 but so far so good.

Haven't bought anything in months but had to splurge on a couple boxes for my sanity, well, that's what I told the Mrs. anyways....onto the show!

First up, box 2.

Shining Stars
[Image: SSBox2_zps614b3d77.jpg]
Shocked at 2 Royal Blue since I thought I read only 1 on being 1:48(JT), one being 1:72(Steen).

Patrice Bergeron
Ryan Johansen
Cory Schneider
Mike Green

Hockey Heroes 2000s
Jarome Iginla
Joe Sakic

[Image: JerseysBox2_zps5d7ee854.jpg]

[Image: YGBox2_zps250495d1.jpg]
Reinhart and Ekblad, sweet.

Now box 1.

Shining Stars
[Image: SSBox1_zps5222af4d.jpg]
Not bad on the SS again, Royal Blue Benn 1:72 and the Lemieux Legends 1:48.

Nazem Kadri
Anze Kopitar
Mikael Granlund
Marko Dano YG
[Image: DanoYGCanvasBox1_zps10da68f0.jpg]

Hockey Heroes 2000s
Martin Brodeur
Steve Yzerman

[Image: JerseysBox1_zps721274d6.jpg]

[Image: YGBox1_zpsd8d8db90.jpg]
Nothing spectacular but hey, Johnny Hockey.

And some Devils....
[Image: DevilsBox1_zps2b2bbb60.jpg]
Albeit a plate, my first ever pack pulled 1/1....Cory Schneider Yellow.

Not to bad overall I guess, pretty fun and that's all I was looking for. In the process of adding them now and over the weekend. Would love to get to trading again also.
Great looking break. If you are interested in trading there are a few of you YG's that I would need for me set and the Eric Staal jsy card for the PC. Shoot me an open trade offer and we can go from there.
Nice break!! I could also use those Young Guns
Jeremy. I am so glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. It is always hard to hear of a child going through difficult times. Best wishes to her and the rest of your family. Here is to hoping she can put all of this behind her quickly.

As for the break, not too shabby indeed! Congrats on the nice Young Guns, and that plate is a great hit as well!

Interested in the Reinhart lmk
Thanks for all the offers guys, I will start going through them Saturday.
Nice Stamkos