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Full Version: Racing Forum Fantasy Game - FINAL STANDINGS!!!
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(11-19-2014, 11:49 PM)Mikarlo Wrote: [ -> ]And Thank You, Adam, for all the work you put in on this! We all appreciate, friend! Already looking forward to defending my Championship Belt! (...Yes, I have determined the reigning champion gets to proudly wear a non-existent Championship Belt! Tongue )
Does it look like this?

[Image: RFFG2014.jpg]

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Just messing around. It actually took me longer to scan/upload/post this than it did to draw it. Tongue
I actually had thought a couple of months ago about making something for the winner to add to their signature. But I wasn't sure how well that would work out. Too bad we don't have "badges" here on Beckett!
lol I love it!
HAHA yea I love it also looks like a winner.
HA!! Yes, it looks exactly like that, Adam! lol! That's awesome!
Thanks again Adam for all the time you put into this game , it was a blast!
I am going to have to change my strategy for 2015.
(11-20-2014, 11:21 PM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]I am going to have to change my strategy for 2015.
Me too, UNLESS JJ gets back to Championship form!


I am glad that everyone enjoyed playing the game and I can't wait for next year. I think it will be more competitive in 2015 for 2 reasons:
1. We will be playing for the full season (that's 7 more races).
2. Everyone got a nice prize! When everyone sees the prizes picked ahead of them, they will be more motivated to pick smart, instead of heart. Wink

I know I will think harder about my picks in 2015. The prizes I was MOST interested in were picked by 3rd and 4th place!
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