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Full Version: 2014 Fall Expo Part #1 - PC Pick Ups
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Good Afternoon All,

As most of you know this weekend is the Fall Expo in Toronto, Ontario. My brother and I did the 1 hour drive Friday night after work to see what we could find as the had pending things the remainder of the weekend and could not get down.

I will be posting my box breaks in a different thread.

Anyhow, onto the show.

[Image: ExpoPick-Ups-1_zps250a0686.jpg]
[Image: ExpoPick-Ups-2_zps08975c51.jpg]
[Image: ExpoPick-Ups-3_zpsf067826e.jpg]

There you have it. No CUP, NO NT but lots of nice cards for my Rookie Collection.

All comments are welcome.

Nice pick-ups!
Excellent pick-ups!

Sigh, it must be great to be an hour's drive from something like that!

Me, I'm a 2 1/2 hour drive from an airport then a 7 1/2 hour flight to Toronto. I made the trip about 10 years ago for a couple of Leafs games and a visit to the HoF, but keep promising myself to get back over for an Expo.

One day!
Very nice pick-ups, Chris! Congrats on the great adds!