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Full Version: Show and Tell - 3 1/2 Months worth
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Good Day All,

My baseball season has now wrapped up and I am getting caught on all my scanning and doing a rather large show and tell for you all. Most of what you see here is all PC but there is the odd trader within. I am also showing the better stuff as if I showed everything there would probably be another 4-5 grids worth.

Anyhow, here we go.

[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-a_zps9ba651f0.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-b_zps7afad24a.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-c_zps0ae71634.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-d_zps410b39db.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-e_zpsa6b56cc5.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-f_zps72a25f49.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-g_zpsdba1d6a7.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-h_zps37f233b8.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-i_zps817970bd.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-j_zps688fd345.jpg]
[Image: SampT-2014-11-02-k_zpsb111369a.jpg]

There you have it. Thanks to all of those that I have traded with for making this post a great one. To those how are looking to trade, please sends some trade offer through. There is lots in my organizer available.

Great haul!
Awesome pickups, thanks for the show.
Wow some really great pickups there. You have quite a diverse PC. Congrats!
You've been pretty busy. Like those Wings cards!!