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Full Version: Another group break (Rangers & Kings)
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OK, so another day, another group break post!

This time it was 2014-15 Artifacts, and I got:

[Image: Artifacts001_zpsdf335ff5.jpg]
[Image: Artifacts002_zps88236429.jpg]

And for the Kings:
[Image: Artifacts004_zps794c828e.jpg]
[Image: Artifacts006_zpsea7c51c4.jpg]

and then these three:
[Image: Artifacts005_zps035eddca.jpg]

It seems I'm destined never to get the Penguins, so I'll just have to keep trading for them!

Thanks for looking.
Nice triple jersey!
Wow, you did well. If you are trading the Jeff Carter's I would be interested. Not sure how much Penguins cards I have.
Nice Richards