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ever cancelled a trade offer and then been insulted by that trader for doing so? I was offered an awesome deal so i cancelled another offer. I sent a pm letting the other trader know why I cancelled and i thought that's the right thing to do. Well i got a pm telling me off and when i tried to reply i found out im on his ignore list!!! Has anyone else experienced this?
It depends. If it was an offer, and not an accepted trade, then I don't see anything wrong with it. However, if someone agreed to a trade with me and accepted, then canceled, I would be upset too.

(10-31-2014, 09:23 AM)hckydv7 Wrote: [ -> ]Should have honored the first offer-- that would have been the proper thing to do.
I had someone on another site get mad at me when I turned down a ridiculously low offer on ITG H&P Colborne #ed/10. He then insulted my game-used memorabilia collection and then blocked me. I found it quite humorous.

We don't always deal with adults in this hobby (sometimes literally dealing with kids, or dealing with adults that act like kids); people take stuff way too personally.

My opinion, is that you acted fine. Had you agreed to the trade and then reneged because a better offer came along, then the right thing to do is honor the agreement you made with the first trader. But, it doesn't sound like it was an agreed-upon trade, rather a trade offer. Though, I suppose there are a lot of variables in there... if you and I were working a trade, and it was pretty close to complete and a lot of back and forth and then you pulled the deal when the finish line was in sight, well, I'd probably be a little upset - over the wasted time.

hckydv7 - you're making the assumption that it was the 'first offer'. I've shotgunned trades before, and make 10-12 offers nearly simultaneously
No it was a new offer. It was cancelled as soon as i reviewed the other offer.
what happened is i reviewed his offer and sent it back to him. Then look at another offer and cancelled the first trade. Ill be honest about it. Im not gonna gain any friends but the trade wasn't agreed upon and it wasn't finalized in any way.
You did nothing wrong. You can't cancel an accepted trade, so it must have been only an offer. Whoever insulted you was in the wrong.
I personally review trades in the order received and work on them in the same order. I let the next people in line know if cards are "tied up" in other trades. I know for a fact that I have missed out on some nice Wings cards because of this - either I traded something that would have gotten me a better card or I waited too long and lost out to someone else.

It is up to you who you trade your cards to, not people on the other end. I have been disappointed by a card being removed while in the third round of back and forth trying to finalize a trade. While this is not how I choose to conduct my trades, I understand that people are trying to get the best deal for them.

If he is ignoring you then he will be missing out.

Just my 2 cents.

I would not worry about it. Everyone should get the best trade that is offered them. You did accept the 1st offer and found a better trade. A+ for you!
I try to honor trades in the order that I get them. If a counter is sent by myself or the other trader then I consider that trade "locked" until we decide to make a deal or agree to part ways. Also, if the trade goes "dead" for 48 hours after another offer for the same card is sent I will cancel the trade. I notify the 1st trader that he has 48 hours to respond and the only way I don't stick to the 48 hour rule is if the trader hasn't logged in. In this case I wait for the nearest weekend to pass before moving on.
Your cards, you're free to do with them what you want, with who you want, in whatever order a trade is offered. Get the best deal for you and if the other guy doesn't like it...too bad.