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Full Version: SP Authentic Nathan MacKinnon (Revisited)
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Last year when SP Authentic came out, the redemptions for Nathan MacKinnon's rookie auto #'d/999 were, well, extremely high to say the least. While he had a Calder-worthy season, it wasn't like he broke Teemu Selanne's record for goals by a rookie, or even had a similar season Sid or Ovi did. Everyone said that because of the "newness" of the product, prices were naturally high and would eventually settle down...

Here we are 1 year later and the redemptions for MacKinnon's SP Authentic Rookie Auto #/999 are...well, pretty much near where they were when the product came out. Again, he's not off to a red hot start like Tyler Seguin is right now, (I know the season is still very young though). It seems odd that the price people are still paying for this card is the same, if not more than buying Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane's SP Authentic rookies combined, with room to spare.

What gives? Do people think that because it's a redemption, that not all of them will be redeemed, making the print count of 999 seem smaller? I'm sure once MacKinnon signs his cards, he's going to sign 999 of them so the print run won't be "short printed". Besides, the fact that SP Authentic rookies of virtually every player are still in unopened packs somewhere has not affected their values. Do people think that because he's on a young team with a lot of potential, he's going to put up a ton of points? OK, then why haven't the rookies of Tavares, Toews, Corey Perry, etc. gone up or stayed as high as when they first came out?

I don't know. It just seems odd that this particular card still has a high price compared to many similar players. Any thoughts?
Use the Toews & Kane comparison doe not work here I think. Because in their RC year there was both of them some went after one and some after the other keeping both prices down. Also you had Carey Price that year. But in last years you really only had one big one and several some what smaller ones. Sometimes the amount of top end rookies in a set will affect the price IMO.
I'll agree with the statement that less good RC's mean higher value for the good ones in a specific year.

Also, yes, the fact that it's a redemption does mean something. Redemption cards don't stay on the market long; they're either redeemed or bought up and redeemed. Once they go live, then the prices may fall a bit because there will be more on the market. And, at first, they may actually spike some; set builders that dragged their feet on getting the card, or don't want to chance redemptions (which doesn't make sense to me at all for SPA FW's)
Supply and demand comes in so many forms.

If there are less sought after rookies then more money gets focused on the few. The demand for those few becomes higher since the demand isn't spread out among a higher number.

Would be interesting to see trends over time for each rookie class.