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Full Version: So the Big Question is...
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... it worth buying a OPG on here. Any update on the site.

1. Are there still issues with the site going down on the weekend especially Holiday weekends?

2. When I try to purchase the Hockey only I get a Total access price of $31.00. When I go to the Hockey it states it is $16.13.

3. How has the trading site been. Without a OPG I am able to access the Coin side but not the card side.

4. Besides myself has there been a major drop in the veteran traders? I see a lot of newbie post but overall not much talk on the boards.

Please vote if it is worth the OPG.
If you can get the 50% off code to work, it might take the sting out of all this a bit more. But, yes, there are far fewer trading partners now.
Web only without the IOS APP is only 9.00.
Im back for now...paying 16 bucks is expensive but the price guide is a must for collecting and trading cards.
I'm still here, and have been doing quite a few trades lately, though most do seem to be with newer members. Last I looked, I was up to 1007 completed trades. And... you're right, the boards have really quieted down, not much discussion any more...
I am still here and have a couple deals on the go. As for the OPG, as mentioned above it is only 9 USD, need to set web only.
Depending on how active you are in the hobby will determine whether or not it is worth it. For me, it is although it would be much better if there were more traders around.
I primarily use the OPG for my own personal collection (pricing, quantity, etc.). The trade feature (when it's working), is a bonus.
Well, I voted no but only before I saw it was still 9.00 for the OPG.

If you can find a code that allows you to get an entire year for 45 bucks, than its worth it. As far as paying the monthly 9.00, i'd say do it, get a ton of trades in and see how it goes from there. Trading has been down a lot, for me, anyway. There are a lot of newer people on here but i'm not sure how active they are in trading. Beckett continues to have errors and not give a crap about their paying customers, so you have to remember to just suck it up and deal with it and their insanely dumb ways.

with that being said, it still is by far the easiest way to trade, especially non jersey/auto cards. its amazingly easy to log and keep track of on your org (when it's accurate) I don't trade much on any other sites because of how easy it is here.
I'm subscribed to three sports right now, soon to be two, and hockey isn't one of them. The prices are getting too steep for what is offered. I still trade cards from any sport/non-sport; it's just a little more challenging when I have to guess/look up prices.
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