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Full Version: Rare 90's find
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I have been collecting Hull since around 1990. In all my years of building my PC this was only the 2nd time I saw this card. I have never seen this card cataloged anywhere. I do not remember exactly when I first saw this card, but it was at some point before 2005. The card was on ebay and I lost out to another collector. At that time I saved copies of the pictures used in that auction. Have kept the pictures saved in a file since. Included in that auction from many years ago was a picture of a note that identifies the card as being a prize from the 1993-94 McDonald's Upper Deck release. Unfortunately the copy I acquired did not have this note with it, but here is the note from the old auction.

[Image: 1993-94%20McDonalds%20Upper%20Deck%20Auto%20Winner.jpg]

1993-94 McDonalds Upper Deck Autograph
[Image: 1993-94%20McDonalds%20Upper%20Deck%20Autograph%20a.jpg] [Image: 1993-94%20McDonalds%20Upper%20Deck%20Autograph%20b.jpg]

The card does include the following Upper Deck COA
[Image: 1993-94%20McDonalds%20Upper%20Deck%20Autograph%20c.jpg]

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for the look.
Definitely a rare card. Congrats on getting it.
wow! great find!
Wow. That's really something. Nice work.
Again, nice addition to the collection!!! Where did you find this one??
(10-20-2014, 12:13 PM)bguzowski16 Wrote: [ -> ]Again, nice addition to the collection!!! Where did you find this one??

Thanks. I found it hidden on ebay and the seller really didn't have much of a description in their listing.

That is a sweet find!