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Full Version: A few recent Jamie additions [New Add 10/17]
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Hello friends. I've not been feeling too well lately and like every time I have to spend time flat on my back...I spend too much on cards..and now diecast as well. I will post my new diecast later this week in the "Diecast on Parade" thread when I get everything in that I'm waiting on. And actually, I'm still waiting on one (very sweet) auto card, but it's been awhile since I have posted and I feel the itch to share tonight, lol!

Just a note..I'm thinking these adds (minus a couple) are more about quantity instead of quality. Needed to fill some holes and most of these were both available and affordable. BUT, there are 2 or 3 very nice additions I would like to think too! So without further adieu...

2011 Wheels Main Event Materials Holofoil #MEMJM Jamie McMurray 09/25
[Image: 002_zpsc7fd6ff4.jpg]

2011 Press Pass Geared Up Gold #GUJM Jamie McMurray 064/100
[Image: 021_zps69c3984a.jpg]

2012 Total Memorabilia Dual Swatch Holofoil #TMJM Jamie McMurray 10/25
[Image: 001_zpsa7389b59.jpg]

2007 VIP Get A Grip Drivers #GGD4 Jamie McMurray 11/70
[Image: 004_zps18816a23.jpg]

2010 Press Pass Stealth Battle Armor Silver #BAJM Jamie McMurray 210/225
[Image: 005_zps504ddafb.jpg]

2014 Press Pass American Thunder Class A Uniforms Blue #CAUJM Jamie McMurray 87/99
[Image: 002_zps19c684b0.jpg]

2011 Press Pass Four Wide Sheet Metal #FWJM Jamie McMurray 05/15
[Image: 001_zpsb108ab85.jpg]

2011 Wheels Main Event Marks Autographs Silver #MEJM Jamie McMurray 28/50
[Image: 002_zpsbc98ae01.jpg]

2013 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Signatures #JM Jamie McMurray 34/99
[Image: 001_zpsf940fb95.jpg]

This one is cool! It is signed on both the front & back!

2012 Press Pass Redline Signatures Red #RSJM Jamie McMurray 21/50
[Image: 003_zpsddaeb179.jpg]
[Image: 004_zpsc60cced2.jpg]

2003 Press Pass Eclipse Teammates Autographs #SMJM Sterling Marlin/Jamie McMurray [Hand-Singed Number on Back 8/25]
[Image: 001_zps76606449.jpg]
Great additions Jason, congrats! Hope you feel better Smile

Hey, brother...sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well alluded to it a few days ago, and I hope things turn around for you on that front soon.

That Redline Auto error card is crazy cool...he obviously signed the back by mistake, and that makes that a 1 of 1 in my book (unless he signed the whole stack wrong...Lol). As always, the Four Wide is a great find, but I don't think you have anything in this batch that you should be upset about proudly displaying...sometimes volume is good, too...they can't all be super sick patches...I like everything you put up here...
Lots of sweet pick-ups here Jason. I especially like the 'Geared Up' and 'Four-wide' cards. The last 2 AU cards are very awesome too!

Congrats on all the additions and I hope you are starting to feel better!!!
Thank you for the well-wishes, friends. This really is one of the worst episodes I've had in the past several years. My doctors are trying, I know, but this really has been miserable.

And thank you for the comments on my new additions. I do love those Four Wides...just so cool looking! And I am pretty fond of the Teammates autos too...(my 4th or 5th one, I believe). But that Redline double auto, yeah, it is pretty neat! I know it's not the only one as I have seen a couple others...but only this /50 parallel seems to have the mistaken double auto (though I have no idea if all 50 are signed this way). I've wanted one for awhile, but most folks are asking quite a bit for them.

I got the auto I was waiting on in the mail today. This one is very sweet! (Still waiting on one more of the diecast before I share those)

2011 Press Pass Premium Crystal Ball Autographs #CBAJM Jamie McMurray [Door #]
[Image: 001_zps16338a49.jpg]
Nice addition, congrats Jason!

Sweet add Jason!