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Full Version: WTTF Kobe Anthology needs
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I wanna throw together a set of Kobe Anthology base cards real quick. I have my wants marked. Will consider my GU/Auto/SP in exchange for these base cards if the trade looks good.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the trades guys I'm getting close now! I have all my wants flagged and up to date. If anyone else has some of these to trade please check me for them. I also have a lot of Nascar and Footall available to trade and a little BB and Hockey stuff too.

Thanks for Looking!

trade offer sent
I have a few of the ones you show needing, will be loading them into org later today or tomorrow and will let you know
Offer sent
Thanks for the help all! Could be done now if I complete all pending trades. A few of these started as small Kobe trades and grew in to several hundred dollar trades which I love! (Makes me feel like I'm beating the post office for a change Lol).

If anybody wants to try nail my last couple dozen wants so I don't have to wait for responses on the others that would be awesome!