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Full Version: Card Show Pick Up
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A dealer friend of mine had this beauty today so I had to get it.
[Image: IMG_20141014_244417_119_zpstylpnnoh.jpg]
I had to grab this because of all the color , Menard actually was my deciding factor because I love his florescent yellow paint!
Press Pass really does do a nice job of getting some color breaks in these sheet metal cards...usually. Not too shabby at all for the Silver version, right? Great pics, too...they all look so angry...LOL Nice card.
That is a sweet card! Very nice pick up!
Sweet pick-up!
Nice pickup, congrats!

Thanks guys! I went in just planning on grabbing some supplies and found that. It is funny because there are litteraly 2-3 dealers that ever even have racing stuff at my local show. I got this from a dealer I am friendly with, he knows I like Newman so he said " oh I have something for you". lol