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Full Version: Which Cards To Grade
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I was curious if anyone had any suggestions as to which of my cards (generally speaking) I should grade first. I know it all depends on the grade and the card but in general. I am of course first getting my 86-87 Jordan Fleer Rookie Card graded first but then what brings in the most money when selling?
-22-24 Karat Gold Foil Cards (Jordan, Griffey, Steve Largent)?
- Ken Griffey Jrs?
- Jordan Cards?
- Baseball Cards ?
- Basketball Cards ?
- Football Cards ?

I have mostly all players from the 80s-2000s for Basketball and Baseball as well as a few baseball players from the 60s & 70s. Carl Yas., Carlton Fisk to name a few).

Or do i just search the most valuable cards and try to find those. Smile

I have a giant card collection but i'm new to the grading game!@!
Grade the cards that you feel will get the best grades.
Remember if you can spot any flaws in it, the grader will for sure spot them!
I've never graded anything for selling purposes, myself. I've bought and turned graded cards, and I've bought graded cards for my PC, but when I get cards graded they are always for me.