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Full Version: Hockey Card Stories by Sportsnet's Ken Reid
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[Image: hockeycardstories_cov_300x419.jpg]

We're doing what we can to help promote this great book by Ken and will hold a book signing at an upcoming Toronto Card Show. If you're out of town, you can get a signed copy too by ordering at

Authors really don't see a lot of profit from the sale of books and every book sold counts. 100% of the proceeds will go to the author.

I urge you to purchase right away because Ken needs to have an idea of numbers. It's not like authors get an infinite quantity of books to sell. They need to buy them by the case just like a retailer would. If you don't order online but plan to buy one at the show - say so - I will give Ken an idea of numbers.

I'll be buying a copy for myself and a few extras because I know I'll be able to gift it to someone.

Check out the blurb on the book at and show your interest in this thread!
Mail orders have been coming in on our web site at but if you plan to pick up the book at the show, please post here so I can give Ken an idea of numbers.

The book signing is in about 1 week, cost of the book is $20 at the show including the autograph.
Last chance this weekend to order your signed copy of 'Hockey Card Stories' by Sportsnet's Ken Reid. Order at

The book signing is this Sunday. If you're getting your copy at the show, let us know just the same. Thanks!

A reminder that if you'd like to mail order a signed copy of 'Hockey Card Stories' that we're still collecting mail orders this week for Ken who will ship directly to you.

Order at