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Full Version: 2 boxes of 2013 SPX
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I ordered two boxes of '13 SPX for myself for my birthday. It went much better than I expected! You're guaranteed 4 hits per box, so I should've ended up with 8 but I got 10, so that was nice. Here are the hits:

SPX Finite Rookie Radiance parallel #'d /99: EJ Manuel (not included in the hit total above, but still a really nice pull)

Super Scripts: Robert Smith (tiny ding in the upper right hand corner)

Rookie autographs: Luke Joeckel, Knile Davis, and Stepfan Taylor (tiny ding in the lower right hand corner)

Winning Big Materials: Andre Ellington and Jerry Rice

Winning Materials Combos: Jerry Rice & John Elway (came in the same box as the other Rice jersey card. I wish the Rice jersey swatches didn't look so cheap, but whatever)

Rookie Auto/Jersey: Stedman Bailey and Zach Ertz


Ud Premier Rookie Auto Patch #'d /15 Cordarrelle Patterson!

[Image: L9sdLWfl.jpg]

I opened up the first box and the silver pack was sitting on top, I saved that for last. Glad I did! It looks awesome in person. I've seen listings for similar cards online and it looks like that one paid for the boxes itself (well not really, since I don't really trade or sell, haha). Anyways, I was really happy with this break.

Nice Patterson!!!!
Nice break! If the Elway/Rice is ft could ya please give me a look?
Very nice man! Congrats!
That Patterson is SWEET!
nice hit
nice..if the knile davis is ft plmk
Great hit on the CPatt, also nice dual Rice/Elway, grats overall man