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Full Version: 2014 Flair Showcase Box
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Been waiting for this to come out since UD announced it. Finally busted a box today.

First things first, the cards are beautiful! Kudos to Upper Deck!

Row 0: Tomlinson, Namath
Legacy: James Wilder/150, Odel Beckham/100
Metal Universe: Bortles, Garoppolo, Jeremy Hill
Also got Bortles Row 1 & 2

Jersey: Kelvin Benjamin
AU: Davonta Freeman
Gold Ink AU: Donta Moncrief

At this point, the box was a bust in my mind. But in the next to last pack.......

Kelvin Benjamin PMG Gold 2/10!!! BOOM!!!
[Image: 20141001_200800_zpsrtfbpsrm.jpg]
Sick pull man congrats!
nice hit