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Full Version: 4bx of Topps Prime
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I went back home to Seattle over the weekend for the final M's series but was able to stop at my old LCS and picked up two boxes there. Got back to DFW Monday night and stopped into my current LCS for two more boxes. All in all they weren't terrible breaks at all, in fact I know they could have been a lot worse. Thanks for looking.

[Image: Prime1.jpg]

[Image: Prime2.jpg]

[Image: Prime3.jpg]
Nice! I like these cards this year. If you want to trade the Ha Ha redemption, check me Smile
Pretty good looking set this year!
check me foe the richardson and the williams auto, and ha ha
Would love the Mack if your trading....lmk
Nice hits on the Mack and Dix! Also like the Banjamin Patch!
Sweet redemptions