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Full Version: Iguodala Collection
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I am debating placing up one of my PC players (iguodala) because I have 4 PC currently and want to slow down on collecting to focus on my Real Estate business. Total BV is over $2000, I have about 180-200 different Iggys (all different and over $2BV) 7 that have NA BV due to scarcity, and Many that are $20-$50 BV.

Is there anyone that would like to buy the whole collection?

[Image: iPad-20140827-142235698_zps6ac6b045.jpg][Image: iPad-20140827-142306395_zpsd4394d5d.jpg][Image: iPad-20140827-142351089_zps6b9e9b6f.jpg][Image: iPad-20140827-142455579_zps48e00f4a.jpg]
nice pc there, good luck getting rid of it if thats what you choose to do.