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Full Version: "We've missed you!" Discount E-mail
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Anyone else get the 50% off online price guide e-mail today? Sucks that I had just re-upped at the full $81 price just 2 days ago.

After 30 minutes of arguing to get the discount applied with customer service, they offered the discount if I purchased another 12-month subscription.

I cannot believe that they aren't able to refund this year's subscription by half.

Maybe the mass discount email will bring back former users and things will turn around here. One can only hope.
I thought I saw something in my email today! I pretty much just delete anything from Beckett now, its considered junk mail and spam as far as Im concerned. I bought a months online access 2-3 days ago only because I had a few pending trades that I no longer had access to because my subscription ran out. I wouldn't count on a sudden influx of old subscribers coming back to a still **** product though!! LOL BECKETT I HOPE YOUR READING THIS!!! I find it so odd that there is NEVER any reply from anyone associated with Beckett on any of these forums about the numerous complaints that people have with the product that Beckett puts out. Its almost like they don't even care about the customer. Wake up Beckett!
Is there a Coupon Code or something that goes with it? I need to renew soon and I didn't receive this email, would be nice to save some coin.
The site is probably unmanned ...... the CEO just a glorified cash collector, who has no interest in feedback or customer complaints !!!!
This is the best that I can tell eveyone. I am sorry that the issues are still proverbially hitting the members in the face like this.

Got the same email & could not delete it fast enough! No more of my $$$$ goes to Beckett.
Thanks for the heads up on this discount. Some of you other collectors my not like the state of the sight but that is your opinion. I do not mind spending $40 with the discount for another year. I love the organization tool. Sure trading and activity is all but gone, who cares. I trade on other sites and i like have the OPG available at my finger tips.

So to all of you that are still here and trading , GAME ON, send some trade offers through.
If I had gotten the offer I would consider purchasing. I guess I have been inactive too long to receive the email.
Dan has let me know that the email was sent to members that have been inactive for a year or longer.

Does it seem fair to give the guys who haven't had to sit through all the shitty maintenance issues and non-communication a better deal than the ones who have? I hope any new members take the time to read through these forums and see all the issues that paying members have and over the last 8 months or so. I think if you want to keep your LOYAL MEMBERS around you should be cutting them the same yearly deal!
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