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They all can't be winners.

[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]
Any nice inserts?
Or parallels?
None worth mentioning. It was rough.
a Connor Shaw patch auto??? You just have to love the cynicism of card companies
Did you freak out when you saw the Browns QB Patch AU and then flip out when it wasn't THE Browns QB Patch AU?

I would've done that!
(09-21-2014, 07:46 AM)ericn316 Wrote: [ -> ]None worth mentioning. It was rough.
Agreed. [Image: dodgy.gif]
nicev shaw
Yep, I know the feeling ... bought two boxes of Longevity, pulled a Shaw RC in each one, thought it was Manziel. And I have hit more than one Terrance West mem card, although he looks like he will be pretty good.