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Full Version: 2 years later, well worth the Nick Foles redemption wait!!!
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Thank you TOPPS!!! I have waited almost 2 years to the date on this 2012 Topps Platinum Rookie Auto NFL Shield TRUE 1/1 for Nick Foles, and it was well worth the wait! The card looks even more amazing in person! I have listed it on the Bay if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking, here's the photo:

What would you think something like this would sell for? Thanks!
You should $1 or $2 for it. Haha j/k. Very nice card!
wow! Nice card!!!
wow great card, I woudve given up hope waiting 2 years. Great to see they followed through. Few years ago I waited as long as I could for Panini redemptions and finally took replacements........only to get replacements in very poor condition.
Awesome card! Congrats! Patience pays off!
That is awesome and its worth a ton more now than it was then.
sweet card -I see you you took an offer. I hope it was for a lot!
BGS that sucker! lol
GLWS though! Lucky dog u! :p
Wow nice sale! And it looks like the guy who bought it is just trying to flip it. Will be interesting to see if he or she is successful. Heck of a gamble...
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