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Full Version: What Defines A Super Collector?
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I've often seen this term used in the card collecting community...but what is that threshold you must cross to be considered a "Super Collector"? I ask, because I am trying to determine if I technically am or am not a Jamie McMurray Super Collector.

My collection mostly contains pack-pulled cards, though recently I've started picking up some other McMurray memorabilia such as Die-Cast cars, a piece of sheetmetal from one of JMac's 2012 Bass Pro cars, among a few other odds & ins.

My McMurray card collection itself currently contains 424 different cards from the approximately 1100+ McMurray cards listed in the Beckett database along with a handful that are not listed in the database.

I am currently at 92 different autos, 68 different RUs, 5 1/1's, 150+ serial numbered cards (with several being serial numbered /5 to /10), and every RC except 2...and I continue to add more weekly.

I invite opinions from both the NASCAR/Racing community as well as any other Beckett community member from some of the other forums (should you see this). More than anything, I am just curious as nothing is going to change with my collecting habits should I be considered a Super Collector or not.

Thanks Everyone!

There has been much debate about the EXACT definition of the term for years. Personally, I say you are a Super Collector of JMac. Others would not agree. Some people base it off of the percentage of his total cards that you have, others base it on how many rare cards you have, and then there are some that don't limit it to cards alone. Percentage-wise, many collectors go by 50+% of a driver/player who has thousands of cards and 80+% of someone with less than 1000 cards.
Personally, I don't worry about it. If my collection is impressive to me, it'll be impressive to anyone with a smaller collection of my person or their own favorite person.
My biggest single collection is Jimmie Johnson (over 850 different cards + about a dozen random items), but it pales in comparison to several other JJ collections I've seen. My second largest collection is Ozzie Smith (nearly 600 different cards and a few random items). I don't have many rare items of either person and a low total percentage of their cards. Many collector's wouldn't consider them super collections, but I don't care. I love both collections and am happy with what I have accomplished! That is all that really matters.
Oh, I completely agree, Adam...personally, I don't care one way or the other. Like I said, being one or not isn't going to change my collecting habits. And like you said, I love my collections and that IS all that matters.

What got me thinking was I came across an old Beckett post from last spring when they were asking for submissions for their "Super Collector Edition". And looking through some of the old submissions, some of my numbers where lining up with some of the submissions. Just got me curious what the threshold was to be considered a Super Collector. But apparently, there is no set-in-stone rule from what I gather from your post...which is just as well.

Whether I'm a Super Collector or not, I know I've got one of the best JMac card collections out there...maybe not the best yet...but one of the best. And I'm happy enough with that!
i wrote this a few years ago. I still mean it today. That being said in the interest of full disclosure i have been in the supercollector issue of beckett and am listed as a super collector on another site.


What is a super collector? Some might argue that a super collector is the person that has a collection so massive that no one else can even begin to aspire to this level.

Some might think that it is the collector who has every card of their driver. They are williing to spend every dime to get all the cards variations, door numbers etc..

Some might think its the collector who has acquired a collection of so many multiple colors that they could build a uniform if needed.

I agree and disagree with all of this.

I think the super collector is anyone that is willing to take the time to collect their driver set etc.

It doesnt matter if you have the million dollar collection or the ten dollar collection. If you enjoy what you are collecting that makes your collection super.

More than this is the collector that is willing to help someone else with their collection.

These people see your want list and send you something. sometimes its a trade, a sale, and sometimes its just to help you out.

Look at my lists that i posted today, Three hours later, I have knocked huge sections off. This was done by people that have the cards and yet are willing to share.

Super collectors want to spread the hobby, and enjoyment to others.

I know I am rambling [lack of sleep].

What I am saying is we are each a super collector. Every collection is different and every collection is great. More importantly the people behind the collections are awesome.

I want to thank all of you, because everyone of you are super collectors. Everyday we see the willingness to help others acheive their goals. Each collection I have has items from the members of this board. That is what makes it special.

My David Pearson, and Asheville Area Racers collection would not be what it is without yall. Even the Pimp himself has others to thank for his conquest.

I enjoy getting to see the items each of you collect. We can not collect everything out there but as a group we can try. Heck I cant wait to see a steve grissom collector. It doesnt have to be your driver to enjoy the collection, you can enjoy watching the collection being built.

Well said, Michael, very well said. Thank you for posting that.
Very well said shelby
I consider myself a Tony Stewart Super Collector. That said, I do not aspire to have one of every Stewart card, but I am trying to get every card in certain sets. I don't think it is financially possible to grab everything, and I have passed on three 2014 Total Mem book cards that I would love to own but would rather not spend on right now...that is a decision I have made that would change if I ever bothered to sell those cards in my total collection that I really do not want to collect.

I think Michael nailed it in a lot of ways...the closer we get as a group, the more we are willing to spread the collecting wealth to each other. Unfortunately, the cost of collecting tempers my ability to just give things away, but I know I am much more willing to make a trade that is not really in my interest to get certain cards to others...

And I love when others see what I have and make comments about how truly awesome some of it is...
(09-21-2014, 01:47 PM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]I consider myself a Tony Stewart Super Collector.
From what I've seen, I'd consider you a Tony SC too! You've got some great cards!

And I agree with you a lot on your last point...showing off our collections and getting the great's not what makes collecting worth it, but it sure is a nice bonus!
I agree with Michael and Tom also. I have probably close to 1,300 different Gordon cards from base to Autos and a few die cast and other trinkets. I am still missing over 5,100 different Gordon cards, so some people who use the percentage theory would not consider me a super collector. There are at least a few hundred cards that I will never get, low numbered cards from base to autos. I never considered myself a certain "type" of collector, but I think I have a really good collection considering I started around 5 years ago and have not gotten real serious until a few years ago.