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Full Version: Show off some Jimmie Johnson stuff!
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Anyone is invited to show what you own, had, pulled, bought, or sold. I just want to see some stuff. It doesn't have to be cards either. I will start with some of my favorite items in my JJ Collection.

1st: My AU cards (in the order I added them to my PC).

[Image: JJBR-AU2of48.jpg]

[Image: JJTTreasuryAU.jpg]

[Image: JJ2005AU.jpg]

[Image: JJ-2007PPSigningsAU.jpg]

2nd: Some of my favorite RU cards (in no particular order).

[Image: JJ-2011FanfareMEM199.jpg]

[Image: JJ-2011LegendsPromPiecesSilver.jpg]

[Image: JJStopNGo.jpg]

[Image: JJ-2007WhiteFlag-2012TM3xRU.jpg]

3rd: Non-card Items ( I can only show 2 in this post b/c I will be at the 10 pic limit for a single post on Beckett).

2007 MA Owners Elite COT #'d/1008 (First COT diecast)
[Image: JJ07COTdiecast.jpg]

A lightswitch cover! My brother gave me this one. He found it at a truckstop when he was driving an 18-wheeler and knew I'd like it.

[Image: JJ-LightSwitch.jpg]

All posts and comments are welcome! Show me what you have (or had).
I really loved 2012 Total Memorabilia.

[Image: f663f440-546e-41ca-a857-a29bc4d38025.jpg]
Only JJ I ever pulled was this one:

[Image: img844_zpsc463b801.jpg]
2014 Press Pass Redline Dynamic Duals Relic Autographs Gold #DDJJ Jimmie Johnson 1/5

I sold it and it helped me get this card:

[Image: img947_zps26b804ce.jpg]
2013 Total Memorabilia Signature Collection Dual Swatch Gold #SCDP1 Danica Patrick 2/7

My first and only Auto Booklet of any kind Smile