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Full Version: Would Beckett grade those cards
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Hey Guys,

first time in the beckett forums and i need your help Smile

I know that Beckett grade Pokemon ( all languages ) , Yugioh ( all languages ) and sport cards but do they grade the cards of the following TCGs and OCGs ? These are the ones i collect and PSA does not grade them and if beckett do they'll gain another Customer

- Cardfight vanguard : (JAP and ENG)

- Force of Will : (JAP and ENG)

- Wakfu TCG : This one is very special not particulary valuable.It's a french tcgs that has been canceled and i have one particular card that was a gift ( like 2$ value but kinda rare ) and i really want to have this card graded.

here's the link of the promo but it's in french btw some people seems to think it was fake but that's cuz it was the first of april !
( )

and that's the card but the image have a very bad quality

( )

Beckett prob don't have the infos on it but i do and i can give them

- Warcraft TCG

- Digimon cards

Layumi a Belgian collector Smile

PS : i tried to send an email to beckett but no answer :x