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Full Version: 1/1 Worth?? 2010 PP Racing Legends
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2010 Press Pass Legends Racing Fred Lorenzen 1/1 Do I get to set price LOL Does anyone know how I can set a value for this? Thank you!!
Is it a printing plate or the base parallel Blue?

I'm not sure that there is a ton of demand for Lorenzen, but he's going to inducted into the NASCAR HOF in 2015, so maybe hold onto it for a bit...

I'd say $40 tops for a plate or the base // blue, but probably $30 is more realistic based on his Auto values.
Thank you for the reply! It is the basic blue. I was confused because some of his stuff is decent others not at all. Inherited a huge collection and have lost touch of what is what. So I am grateful for your help! Will do what you suggested and hold it.
I agree that the value would be about $30. I also agree that you should hold it until after his induction to the HOF. There will be a little more demand for his cards then.