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Full Version: Anyone team collect. Or PC someone that played in 90's?????
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Anyone collect a particular team, I have been in the process of going through team sorting my collection from the 90's. If there is a particular team or player that you PC please lmk and I'll see if I have anything that you need or want. The majority are from 94-97 but have some others mixed in also. have base and some inserts and am still in process of going thru them. I'm trying to update my collection and move on to my PC's and more modern era cards.

Penny Hardaway. Want all cards that I dont have, but I have many of the low end.
I PC Jamal Mashburn and Clarence Weatherspoon
Would have most of base stuff tho
It will be the weekend before I get a chance to go back thru them. I will follow up with a PM on what I have.

Thank you