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Full Version: Ultimate/SP Authentic/Crown Royale/Contenders/Black Diamond/Prime
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My sister and her boyfriend came home and he just started collecting again so we had some fun this morning opening up a bunch of boxes. We opened

1 box of 2011-12 Contenders
1 box of 2013-14 Black Diamond
4 boxes of 2013-14 SP Authentic
4 boxes of 2013-14 Crown Royale
2 boxes of 2013-14 Prime
15 boxes of 2013-14 Ultimate

It was a blast and we did pretty well. Here are the hits.

 photo Scan6_zpsbd2165d5.jpg photo Scan7_zps378a9a45.jpg photo Scan8_zps2cbeb515.jpg photo Scan10_zps57cb4253.jpg photo Scan9_zpsfbb44e5a.jpg photo Scan12_zpsbd813e3e.jpg photo Scan14_zps560f7b73.jpg photo Scan11_zps9a74193f.jpg photo Scan17_zpsc371982a.jpg photo Scan16_zpsee713e85.jpg

 photo Scan15_zpsb88471ca.jpg photo Scan13_zps84ebc0b0.jpg photo Scan18_zpsde3e79a6.jpg photo Scan19_zps87473b77.jpg photo Scan20_zpsbf1a5d1d.jpg

 photo Scan21_zpse0ff0210.jpg photo Scan24_zps37edd9ae.jpg photo Scan27_zps4cd6d657.jpg photo Scan26_zps716eb065.jpg photo Scan25_zpscd37814b.jpg

 photo Scan22_zps0fbd8009.jpg photo Scan23_zpsf1a3da12.jpg photo Scan28_zps7765f68e.jpg photo Scan29_zps64071cb1.jpg photo Scan30_zpsed631037.jpg

 photo Scan32_zpsb5629084.jpg photo Scan34_zps33ed552c.jpg photo Scan33_zpsc26443f9.jpg photo Scan36_zps273fa192.jpg photo Scan35_zpse09c10ed.jpg photo Scan4_zps7dbc9d34.jpg

 photo Scan3_zps169d65c4.jpg photo Scan2_zpse088c303.jpg photo Scan5_zps826a974c.jpg photo Scan1_zps42be928f.jpg photo Scan_zps48bf97c0.jpg
Wow. Wow. Wow.
love that mackinnon black
Huge MacKinnon hits. Some nice Wings in there too - especially the Yzerman. Congrats!!
Love the Yzerman Die Cut AU and Hextall a Prime a Patch!!! Great stuff!!
Wow is right. Nice Hall auto /10. Thx for showing.
man, nice pulls. is that hextall for trade? Smile
Stellar pulls, Nick! Love those Habs and would like to land a few. Big Grin

Awesome Yzerman!!!!
Would love the Raanta, Toews, and Shaw if possible. If I can't get all 3 I'd at least like the Toews and Raanta. Check my ORG and send an open offer if you'd like. I'm shipping multiple trades out this coming Wednesday (Sept. 3)
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