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Full Version: Then & Now - Original 6 - Custom patch set completed!
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Finished the design a few weeks ago, but then have had some set backs due to a couple things breaking on me but am finally back up and going so i finished off the original 6 set i wanted to do. Pics are below and as always comments are appreciated.

[Image: 14735503587_563ae55623.jpg]
[Image: 14899095926_0612fa6168.jpg]
[Image: 14899095856_5dd26c1a5f.jpg]
[Image: 14735508207_4a9c2cee85.jpg]

[Image: 14921739442_a6497e8aa5.jpg]
[Image: 14919009071_6597ebb8fa.jpg]
[Image: 14899094506_2448822dfa.jpg]

[Image: 14735506847_258ca0dabb.jpg]
[Image: 14919007791_08ca6cd70d.jpg]
[Image: 14735413780_dd3d98ea17.jpg]
[Image: 14921737422_3b7bde7b6c.jpg]

[Image: 14735461818_abb5b2e7dd.jpg]
[Image: 14735503307_e6736b0d67.jpg]
[Image: 14899092666_0574f9b827.jpg]
[Image: 14735412880_8294cc58af.jpg]

[Image: 14735412600_aac0dd62a5.jpg]
[Image: 14735415759_2249697f28.jpg]
[Image: 14735412280_2ab7b2cae0.jpg]
[Image: 14899091476_52c74ce38c.jpg]

[Image: 14919005661_3f0081825e.jpg]
[Image: 14899091056_d263d63d05.jpg]
[Image: 14735411290_943490533e.jpg]


[Image: 14922069295_5f8a0c0068.jpg]
Those are soooo cool!!!! Amazing work!!!

The Sawchuk/Howard is definitely my favorite!!!
HO!LY!CRAP!!! That is an amazing set! You could have gone with so many goalies, but I think that you made the right choices. Congrats on the amazing work and thank you for the great show!