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Full Version: High End cards for Trade + Many More
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Hey guys, after taking a couple years off from the hobby im back. I've decided to shrink my collection and focus on only a few select players.

Everything you see is up for trade and I have a lot more not in my org or scanned. I probably have an auto and/or memorabilia of any player you are looking for so just let me know what you need if you are interested.

Im looking for Autos, Memorabilia, Rookie Autos, Rookies of

Vince Carter (Raptors or Mavericks)
Dirk Nowitzki
Joakim Noah
Al Horford
Corey Brewer
Chandler Parsons
Reggie Miller
pm me man
Man you have some great cards! I have a ton of high end new stuff and vintage but no basketball! Are you only interested in basketball stuff?
I collect Tim Tebow and John Elway in football but that's pretty much it besides basketball.
pm sent!
WOW! Great stuff!
amazing stuff! wish I had high value to trade some.
bryandwells1 - Let me know if any of this interests you?
I need all but 2-3 I believe. Check me and see what you can come up with. I will Update my Photobucket tonight a little with what I can offer. All of my items are in Becket ORG too.
I am interested in your Vince Carter memorabilia cards, Rookie cards, and your Al Horford memorabilia card. PM me and let me know which cards you needed and we can get things started
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