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Full Version: Looking For Bill Guerin Patch to Complete this Set!
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Down to my final 03-04 SP Game Used Authentic Patch set /15. Have never seen one but always looking! If you have it or have seen one please let me know! Thanks and here is what I have so far!

[Image: APAH_zps34225a8e.jpg]
[Image: APAY_zpse1693a81.jpg]
[Image: APCD_zpsa5ccf33f.jpg]
[Image: APDH_zpsd9ad23db.jpg]
[Image: APEB_zps660f4c57.jpg]
[Image: APEL_zps1472e106.jpg]
[Image: APG1_zpsae90c734.jpg]
[Image: APHZ_zps8f745fd2.jpg]
[Image: APIK_zpsb8204414.jpg]
[Image: APJI_zps93344c7e.jpg][Image: img144_zps3882d522.jpg]
[Image: APJSG_zps6803d213.jpg]
[Image: APJT_zps50b6bef7.jpg]
[Image: APJTH_zpsd206cb85.jpg]
[Image: APMB_zps852ff686.jpg]
[Image: APMH_zps28f0c55f.jpg]
[Image: APML_zpsb57f557e.jpg]
[Image: APMM_zps103f61bc.jpg]
[Image: APMN_zps261b7652.jpg]
[Image: APMS_zps3f94272f.jpg]
[Image: APON_zps69f4bf87.jpg]
[Image: APPF_zps6e27a66c.jpg]
[Image: img775_zpsbcad9e2a-1.jpg]
[Image: APPR_zpsdc70b9cf.jpg]
[Image: APRN_zps76952ca3.jpg]
[Image: APSF_zps3fa8d2b9.jpg]
[Image: APTA_zps0579b7ff.jpg]
[Image: APVL_zps4c4ba79d.jpg]
[Image: APWG_zpsfa51f62c.jpg]
Just plain old nasty!! In a great way of course. I will keep my eye out but highly unlikely I will come acrossed it.
Awesome looking set
That's a really sweet set, I forgot about those old Flyers jerseys with the silver that Roenick is wearing lol.