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Full Version: Completed Limited Threads Set
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Thanks again to Julian(myriadlim) with this time helping me complete this 03-04 SP Game Used Limited Threads Jersey set /75. Originally the set had a Henrik Zetterberg card listed but that has since been removed from Beckett. I am assuming it was never made and have never seen one. Here is the whole set! Thanks for looking!
[Image: LTAH_zps4489262e.jpg]
[Image: LTAK_zps5e955a88.jpg]
[Image: LTBG_zps49fb1800.jpg]
[Image: LTBL_zps38e0b9a2.jpg]
[Image: LTCD_zps9033e009.jpg]
[Image: LTDH_zpsbb905b00.jpg]
[Image: LTDHA_zps2d8562d9.jpg]
[Image: LTG1_zpsc1688a0e.jpg]
[Image: LTGL_zps17c5e585.jpg]
[Image: LTIK_zps4523a846.jpg]
[Image: LTJB_zps41c76330.jpg]
[Image: LTJBU_zpsa1f8cfea.jpg]
[Image: LTJJ_zps929f641f.jpg]
[Image: LTJS_zpsf01ceea5.jpg]
[Image: LTJSG_zps15ba0c5f.jpg]
[Image: LTJT_zps70e25cd8.jpg]
[Image: LTJTH_zps19ded131.jpg]
[Image: LTLM_zps6a15ebca.jpg]
[Image: LTMB_zps855ec912.jpg]
[Image: LTMH_zps487321fe.jpg]
[Image: LTMHO_zps737d5326.jpg]
[Image: LTMM_zps26767067.jpg]
[Image: LTMN_zps14b82228.jpg]
[Image: LTMS_zps019e2212.jpg]
[Image: LTMT_zpsf4eff282.jpg]
[Image: LTPF_zps44a0ccf8.jpg]
[Image: img146_zps871b13e8.jpg]
[Image: LTPR_zpseab1c6b3.jpg]
[Image: LTRL_zps2b31ded2.jpg]
[Image: LTRN_zpsfffa1a06.jpg]
[Image: LTSB_zps4511ac09.jpg]
[Image: LTSF_zps432383fa.jpg]
[Image: LTSU_zpsb6a6bf68.jpg]
[Image: LTSY_zps66d9e433.jpg]
[Image: LTTA_zpsbf938001.jpg]
[Image: LTTB_zps2024aecc.jpg]
[Image: LTTS_zpsca73f09f.jpg]
[Image: LTVL_zps9cf189f3.jpg]
[Image: LTWG_zps532073e4.jpg]
[Image: LTWGR_zpsd2382344.jpg]
[Image: LT-PD_zps7b3b7903.jpg]
Nice work! I noticed the Turco is /21 , is it a SP or a lower numbered parallel?
Once again, great show! Congrats on the completion.