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Full Version: Great Mclean Mailday!
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Got a pretty good bunch of McLean stuff in the mail today, it is part of a larger collection I am buying from a fellow McLean collector. Unfortunately he is selling off his collection to pay for medical equipment his daughter needs (more people under Canadas "free" healthcare paying for their own equipment). At least I am able to help him out with that while filling out my own collection!

[Image: 001-5.jpg]

[Image: 002-5.jpg]

[Image: 003-5.jpg]

And a couple Bert's from my trade with Phildo, thanks Phil!
[Image: 004-2.jpg]
Great additions. My fav is the 2004-05 Franchises.
hey there.. look at those Berts!! Thanks again for your help with the SP FW's!
Great additions, congrats! Sorry to hear about your friends issues but hopefully he can find some peace that it's helping his daughter and that you are a fellow McLean collector.

Love the Showdown one with Richter.
Any idea why he doesn't get and cards in anything other than ITG?
UD seems to have their core retro guys that they don't waiver from, so as Canucks fans we get Linden and Bure exclusively. Would love to see what some other MFG's would do with some of ITG's themes.