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Full Version: One Box Rookie Anthology, One Prime
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Good day, Beckett Community!

Way too long since my last box break, and I must say that there is good reason... nothing I want. Haha! I had been busting Upper Deck, but a, in need of only one (Mikael Grandlund) for the set, so I stopped there. If you have it, let me know. Big Grin

Now on to the hits. I will show the Prime first, as it is the slower of the two boxes.

[Image: img919_zpse88fbb52.jpg][Image: img922_zpsd967d0cc.jpg][Image: img921_zpsf8dd08c2.jpg][Image: img918_zps88a384b3.jpg][Image: img923_zpsc99ee584.jpg]

And the hit of the box #6/80:

[Image: img920_zps7c3197f4.jpg]

Now that is one SICK patch!!! Slow box, and Jack Campbell has been following me all over the place. I would not mind if Brendan Gallagher or Alex Galchenyuk would do the same. Haha!

Now on to a stellar box of Rookie Anthology. No huge names, but loads of hits!

[Image: img917_zpsa09949d1.jpg][Image: img910_zps88009792.jpg][Image: img913_zpsc5b988c1.jpg][Image: img914_zps0188098c.jpg][Image: img915_zps17b27681.jpg][Image: img909_zps89c7a612.jpg][Image: img912_zps936c41ff.jpg][Image: img911_zpsb2d404e0.jpg][Image: img916_zps9bb909e0.jpg][Image: img908_zps8ecf9d4d.jpg]

Now that is a sweet box of Anthology there! All on this page are for trade and are marked as such in my Organize. Thanks for the look and all comments are welcome. I promise not to make my next Box Break post so far away. Best wishes, Beckett Community!

Nice pulls Randi. I'm sure the Maatta will fetch ya some Habs!
Congrats on the hits. Saw a Roenick similar to yours sell on an auction site for close to $90. These should fetch you some nice trades. No Wings - too bad.
Nice pulls Randy! I'd be interested in the Vinny if it's ft, I'm doing the set lmk!

Both the Roenick and Lecavalier cards are awesome, great break, congrats!! And I could use the Jones, Hertl and Corrado cards if I have anything you'd want for them...
Love the Roenick and Belfour/Longo! Great stuff!
Great looking Roenick patch!!!
Nasty patch
Sweet boxes Randi! Offer sent. Love that Roenick, wish I had something for that.
Thank you all for the great comments! The Roenick was a great find, but I would have preferred the one #/14. Haha!